The Journey Is the Destination: The Way to Clear Creek Abbey

15 thoughts on “The Journey Is the Destination: The Way to Clear Creek Abbey”

    1. You are welcome – thank you! One of the things I noticed at Clear Creek was just how remote it was – far more than most monasteries that I have ever visited (including Gethsemane in Kentucky, or even the nuns in Nebraska). It was very unexpected, and really felt like a whole separate world once I finally arrived.

  1. Have you been to the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Alabama? There is a part of the road near the entrance where it’s kind of rocky and dusty and then goes paved. It went from noisy road to quiet road instantly. I loved that. I think it was done that way on purpose to get your attention.

    I’ve been told the CC is a great place for a retreat. Your pictures are helping to sell that further! Thank you!

    1. Hi Marc! Thanks! Yes, I have been to the Shrine in Alabama quite a few times over the years. They have a very impressive set up! Clear Creek is definitely far more remote than even that though, and feels less “touristy.” I never really felt like I could be “alone” at the Shrine in Alabama.

      Clear Creek actually took me by surprise at first, because it was so remote that I had never been to a monastery like it. I was expecting paved country roads a bit (maybe a little unpaved road if anything) and then a gate, and then maybe a small drive, and then the monastery itself.

      Instead, I got loooong, paved country roads, then looooong, unpaved country roads, then the gate, then more loooong unpaved country road, until I finally arrived in an unpaved parking area feeling very far away from everything (and everyone, but I was there in the early to mid fall, so I am not sure what it is like in summer or spring).

      If you like to walk, you could spend days just walking the country roads by yourself, not worrying about traffic, maybe getting chased by a random dog or two, and reading a book along the way. They have so many places where you could just get lost, on little back trails, etc. I will show more, as Clear Creek has a lot to show. It is very conducive to silence, contemplation, and just getting away from it all. Happy Solemnity of Mary & Happy New Year!:-)

      1. I had several business trips to Huntsville AL in the past. It is about 75 min away from there and I couldn’t NOT go at least once per trip. But I always went at night and was much more peaceful, but it know what you mean…esp. during daytime visits.

        I see good trail running opportunities too!

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