Now Accepting Spare Caves: A Public Announcement, With A Few Other Thoughts

March 12, 2014

Anchorite, Monasticism, Prayer


This is just a shout out to let everyone know (i.e. anyone who is left that cares – are my three two readers still out there?) that Reclaiming the Sacred will be set to private sometime soon.

I am not officially shutting the site down, but I do need some time to privately experiment with a few ideas that have been swirling around in my nomadic brain.

Am I enough to drive my two one readers mad, or what?


All I can say is thank you for putting up with me.

I appreciate your presence, and your patience, very, very much.



Before I go, I want to leave you with the following documentary (not mine) about a man who I think is just phenomenal, and who I am absolutely fascinated with (as in, can I please follow this person around like a little stray puppy nomad and learn every little teensie tinsie thing that he knows? Please?).

His name is Fr. Lazarus, and I first found him here, in a BBC show called Extreme Pilgrim (that’s not him in the trailer still shot – that is the host):




That host should try my life for three weeks – he could call it Extreme Nomad!

Ok, ok, I am just joking (sort of).

But back to Fr. Lazarus.

Although he is a Coptic Christian, and therefore not in communion with Rome (boo!), I absolutely love all that the cave dwelling, Australian turned Egyptian, hermit of a monk (i.e. anchorite), Fr. Lazarus, is all about….except for the whole lack of communion with Rome thing – darnit!

Always a flaw somewhere…..

I have watched that show multiple times, and find in it almost everything that I love.

I am so obsessed that it has led me to make this official, public declaration:

If anyone has a spare cave precariously hanging off the side of a rocky mountain in the desert of Egypt – preferably close to one Fr. Lazarus – with a Roman Catholic Traddy priest on hand to say daily Mass, please let me know!

Please, please, please…

Well, since shameless internet begging on my low traffic website will probably not get me very far, I am going to just have to accept second best – the life of a nomad.

But if you like what you see in the video above, please check out this other (short) documentary on Fr. Lazarus, entitled The Last Anchorite:

And if you know anyone who knows him, please pass on the message that I am definitely…now accepting spare caves.



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31 Comments on “Now Accepting Spare Caves: A Public Announcement, With A Few Other Thoughts”

  1. Betty Glaz Says:

    I, Reader #4, have been missing you lately so it’s good to hear from you,. On the other hand, I will miss you – only temporarily, I hope. Good luck on your next venture and come back to us soon,


  2. Servus Fidelis Says:

    I will await the results of your latest brainstorm. If it is as good as the last hiatus – it should put you over the top once again. Love your writing and your videos, my friend.


  3. Marc Says:

    Still here too!
    I thought perhaps you trapped yourself at Clear Creek and started Lent early :)


  4. Ponder Anew Says:

    Oh, sister, I guess I am the fourth who will miss you. here’s being hopeful and prayerful that your new ideas will come to fruition soon. My, striving for sanctity keeps us busy! I am spending my lent serving at my local crisis pregnancy center and attending 40 days for Life prayer vigils. Please do return soon, you’re in my prayers and God bless you.


    • Reclaiming the Sacred Says:

      It is, as always, so good to hear from you! Your Lent sounds busy and productive! You are a blessing to those who need your voice, either through prayer or in person, I am sure. Thank you for putting up with my sporadic blogging – I will try to return soon. God bless you!


  5. 8kidsandabusiness Says:

    OK, five readers. I was wondering where you’d gone, CNG. I hope your hiatus is fruitful and short lived. I have and I will miss you. Come back to us, ok?


  6. Sr. Kathryn Says:

    An invitation to write, if you can see my email address, and if you are attracted to the eremitic life….

    God be with you.


  7. NEO Says:

    Ah there she is, for the moment, my very favorite nomad, CNG. Who nomads into my life and back out of it and back again bringing joy with her. ;-)

    Good luck in all your ventures. :-)


  8. Mrs_EDavis Says:

    Bummer. I just found your blog.
    I will follow on the off-chance you will return.
    Hopefully they have wifi in the cave.


  9. Tina Says:

    Just found your site. When you go private, I hope you include me.


    • Reclaiming the Sacred Says:

      Hi Tina, and thank you for visiting my site and commenting.

      I did go private back in the spring, just to do some adjustments. They are all done now, so I am back in the public sphere and will probably stay that way for a long time. :)

      God bless you, and good to have you here!


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